Tire Shop

Spruce, NV, UT

Do you require the services of a reliable tire shop or affordable tires in Spruce, NV? Intermountain Tire Center offers wide-ranging tire options to suit your budget and specific requirements. Our tire shop is fully equipped with the latest equipment to ensure excellent workmanship when rotating tires or fitting new ones. From Yokohama and Dunlop to Firestone and Michelin tires, we have something for everyone. We stock low-profile variants and high-performance tires from which to choose. These products provide sufficient grip and traction for superior driving experience in Spruce, NV. All our tire products come with a warranty. Driving with confidence regardless of road conditions just got easier thanks to our wide range of quality tires.

Tire rotation is aimed at counteracting uneven wear caused by a variety of operational factors. We switch the positions of your wheels to ensure that the tires last longer. Uneven wear compromises tire performance and reduces overall lifespan. Weight distribution of a vehicle plays a central role in causing uneven wear. The majority of cars come with front engines, which place more weight at the front than the rear. This means tires fitted on the front bear the brunt of much of your vehicle's weight, thus suffering more wear. Rotating tires creates a balanced wear pattern, thus prolonging the lifespan of front tires.

The weight distribution between the rear and front is almost identical for rear-wheel drive automobiles. This helps reduce uneven wear associated with front-wheel drive vehicles whose weight distribution hovers around 60:40. The configuration results in front tires wearing at almost twice the rate of tires fitted at the back. Braking action also places additional strain on the already burdened set of tires. Bringing in your car for tire rotation saves significant amounts of money in the long-run. To learn more information about our affordable tires and other services, contact Intermountain Tire Center today.