Semi Truck Tires

Wells, NV, UT

Are you looking for high-quality semi truck tires and the closest tire shop in Wells, NV? Intermountain Tire Center specializes in a wide variety of tires to satisfy diverse needs. Taking advantage of our affordable prices and high-quality stock just got easier. From Dunlop and Firestone to Yokohama and Michelin tires, we have got you covered in Wells, NV. We are stockists of products suitable for 18-wheelers, SUVs, RVs, standard passenger vehicles and sports cars. Our closest tire shop also provides a number of tire services including rotation, wheel alignment, computerized spin balancing and flat tire repairs.

The tires come with varying speed ratings, construction and aspect ratio to match different types of vehicles and applications. Our friendly and experienced staff provide much-needed guidance when comparing and selecting the ideal tire option. Speed ratings indicate the maximum safe speed applicable to a particular range. The ratings also take into consideration the maximum load permissible under certain conditions. All variants specify the type of automobile the tire is designed to fit, such as special trailers (ST) and passenger (P). Products without a letter are euro-metric. Choosing high-quality tires ensures safety, superior handling, traction and grip.

Having a flat tire can be frustrating, especially when you are running on a tight schedule. A flat can leave you stranded on the road. We understand the inconvenience and you can count on our team to get you rolling again. We make it easy to repair or change the flat on the side of the road without breaking the bank. We use advanced equipment to ensure correct fitting, which gives you the peace of mind of driving a safe vehicle. Intermountain Tire Center provides puncture repair diagnosis to ensure safety and excellent workmanship. Whether your tire has suffered a minor or major damage, we have the expertise to repair or replace it quickly and easily.