Car Tires

Dugway, NV, UT

Are you looking for high-performance or low-profile car tires and a reliable tire shop near me in Dugway, NV? Intermountain Tire Center offers good-quality tires at affordable prices. We are a leader in the provision of a variety of services, including flat tire repair, balancing, rotation, tire pressure monitoring and wheel alignment. Our team of professionals is friendly and well-trained. They specialize in the installation and sale of an assortment of tires for trucks, SUVs, standard passenger cars and many more. We provide expert advice to help you make informed choices when buying tires. The tire installation or rotation is quick and easy thanks to the use of advanced equipment. From Goodyear and BFGoodrich to Michelin and Firestone, we have a tire to suit your lifestyle and operational needs.

It has never been easier to drive with confidence in Dugway, NV. Automobile manufacturers typically recommend tire rotation patterns and frequency to keep your tires in great shape for longer. The frequency of rotation is dependent on the type of vehicle; some manufacturers recommend rotating them every 8,000 miles. The rotation pattern usually involves switching front wheels to the rear and vice-versa. Although it is common to cross the tires when you fit them to back, the same does not apply if the tires are unidirectional.

Adverse road conditions can easily wreak havoc on wheel alignment, which in turn affects the tires. From potholes to snowy winters, driving your vehicle in these conditions leads to uneven tread wear, thus diminishing the lifespan of the tires. Properly aligned wheels improve handling and fuel efficiency. Our computerized alignment equipment evaluate the suspension and steering components. Computer-generated measurements and detailed computer analysis helps restore alignment to match the manufacturer's recommendations. However, some vehicles are not factory adjustable. This necessitates the use of wedge adjustments or shim kits. In some cases, specialized attention and parts may be required to restore the suspension and steering geometry to its original specifications. For more information on tires or a reliable tire shop near me, contact us.